Stories of Goodness

Puente Family Update

Dave and his wife Lori graced Goodness Village's doors in 2021. His battle against Multiple Myeloma began in 2008 after a terrible incident, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey of courage and healing.

The Power of Positivity & Prayer

The power of positivity and prayer is truly tangible within the walls of Goodness Village!  Recently, we had the honor of delivering personalized prayer cards crafted by the children who attended Vacation Bible School at St. James UMC to the Steele family, who are currently in our apartments while Laura receives treatment for Multiple Myeloma.

The Gregory Family

In October 2022, just a month after celebrating her 2nd birthday, Kohen Gregory was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Since then, she has been undergoing treatment at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. During their time in Little Rock, the Gregory family stayed in a Goodness Village apartment at the Park Avenue Lofts location.

Alvarez Family

The Alveraz Family found a place to rest and recover while their son Hugo received treatment. Having a home base with a kitchen, bedrooms, and space for the family makes all the difference when the family has to stay for an extended period of time.

The Jacksons Face Flooding

Imagine being away from home, receiving medical treatment in another state. Missing your family and feeling weak, just trying to make it through the day. And then, the unexpected happens... On Christmas Eve, Executive Director Kim Burket received a call from Tannda Jackson and her husband, Steve. They…

The Graham Family Finds Rest Together

I was so grateful for a nice place to rest. During the whirlwind with the surgery and Elena’s recovery, I was still healing from the recent delivery. After two comfortable weeks (back and forth to the hospital), a family friend close to Little Rock heard about our situation and graciously offered her home. It was a huge blessing, and we stayed there until the baby was released, but we still reflect fondly on how relieved and happy we were to get that Goodness Village apartment.