Belinda and Kent Sibley are Highlighted during Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month

With our busy lives, it’s easy for essential tasks to slip through the cracks. For Kent Sibley, a routine annual check-up in May 2023 proved life-altering when his bloodwork revealed that he had cancer.

Following the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, Kent, and his wife Belinda, sought treatment not far from their home in Eudora, AR at the UAMS Myeloma Center. It was through his social worker that the Sibley’s learned about Goodness Village. Kent shared, “When we arrived at our Goodness Village apartment, I was very sick from treatments, and I was overwhelmed because everything was happening so fast. I didn’t know where we would stay, and I was worried about my wife being comfortable too. At the Goodness Village apartment, I didn’t have to worry about anything other than getting better.”

In 2023 alone, approximately 35,730 people in the United States received a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. March is Multiple Myeloma awareness month, and Goodness Village is proud to walk side by side with our guests, offering financial assistance, meals, prayers, and a supportive community to those undergoing treatment for Multiple Myeloma. 

Today, Kent and Belinda Sibley are back home, cherishing precious moments with their three children and seven grandchildren. Kent continues his journey, supported by a maintenance treatment plan, and surrounded by the love of his family.