The Medeiros Family, Finding Heartfelt Comfort and Care

Baby Cam was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when Karissa Medeiros was just 20 weeks pregnant with him. Shortly after his birth, he underwent a critical heart procedure. However, it became clear that a heart transplant was necessary for Cam to return home to his family.

The Medeiros family discovered Goodness Village through a friend. Karissa expressed her gratitude, saying, “We truly didn’t know how long we’d be in Little Rock. With any transplant, it’s a waiting game—days, months, or even years for the perfect match.” Goodness Village understands this uncertainty. Families can stay in our apartments as long as they need it, as the Medeiros family did for 9 months.

Karissa added, “Goodness Village alleviated the stress that came along with finding somewhere we could stay long term without having to sign contracts or leases. They also have amazing donors who help keep the cost of renting as affordable as possible. We live almost 3 hours away and we were able to use the Goodness Village apartment as our home base in Little Rock. Grandparents had someplace to come and stay and help watch our 3-year-old, Kai, while we were at the hospital with Cam.”

Your ongoing support as a monthly donor ensures we can maintain affordable nightly rates for everyone, regardless of their financial situation, while still providing the same level of comfort and community that we offered to the Medeiros family. Thank you for your generosity.