The Power of Positivity & Prayer

The power of positivity and prayer is truly tangible within the walls of Goodness Village!  Recently, we had the honor of delivering personalized prayer cards crafted by the children who attended Vacation Bible School at St. James UMC to the Steele family, who are currently in our apartments while Laura receives treatment for Multiple Myeloma.

For three consecutive days, Laura had been receiving discouraging news from her test results, adding to the weight on her and her family’s shoulders. But a simple act of love and faith would soon bring about a remarkable change.

As the prayer cards were delivered, the Steeles felt a renewed sense of hope and strength. Don, Laura’s husband, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Laura woke up this morning, and I could see light in her eyes! I am thrilled at her improvement overnight. Thank you for coming by and praying over us; her improvement is dramatic.”

The impact of the children’s heartfelt prayers was undeniable. Laura’s spirits lifted, and her health took a positive turn. It was a moment that filled our eyes with tears of joy and reaffirmed the transformative power of collective prayer.

The stories of gratitude and inspiration shared by our guests at Goodness Village ignite the flame within our hearts and fuel our determination to continue providing a space that provides comfort, community, and hope to our guests.