The Jacksons Face Flooding

Imagine being away from home, receiving medical treatment in another state. Missing your family and feeling weak, just trying to make it through the day. And then, the unexpected happens…

On Christmas Eve, Executive Director Kim Burket received a call from Tannda Jackson and her husband, Steve. They told her that the sprinkler system had burst from frozen pipes on the 3rd floor, and water was pouring into their 1st-floor apartment through the walls and ceiling, ankle deep. They needed to get to a hospital appointment for Steve, and they were desperately trying to save their belongings. Kim rushed to the apartment and started packing and cleaning with the help of restoration workers and volunteers.  Almost everything was lost, but The Jacksons had most of their personal items in plastic bins, which were protected. The only vacant apartment we had available had yet to be cleaned. Still, with the help of cleaning specialist Annabelly and dedicated volunteers, the apartment was cleaned, and the Jacksons were moved out of the flooded apartment. They didn’t have to spend Christmas Eve in a hotel but in a Goodness Village apartment with a meal and a decorated Christmas tree.

The aftermath was quite a process, as we had to assess our furnishings and belongings, arrange to have items hauled off, and transition the things we could reuse to a new apartment. We diligently worked with our Insurance adjuster, the moving company, and the apartment community staff.  We were told that the damage to the apartment could take several months to repair, so we focused on salvaging what we could and setting up a new apartment.  An extraordinary donor helped purchase the items we needed to set up a new apartment.  Our apartment design team stepped up, volunteers poured in, and lots of Goodness was in motion.  The new apartment is now set up and ready for the next guest, and we are so thankful for the kind spirit and grace our community support system gave us, which helped turn an overwhelming situation into a blessing.