The Guthries Second Stay for a Second Heart Surgery

In April 2020, Aurelius was born with a heart condition that required immediate emergency surgery in Little Rock. His “Gigi”, Lesley Guthrie, helped her son and daughter-in-law connect with Goodness Village after a long drive from El Dorado. The Guthries stayed at Goodness Village until Aurelius was discharged from the hospital weeks later.

Several months later, on January 25, 2021, Aurelius had a check-up appointment and another heart issue was found. The Guthries were once again traveling to Little Rock for Aurelius to have a second heart surgery on February 2, 2021. This time Lesley knew immediately where they could find a home to stay during this difficult time.  

“I immediately reached out again to Kim at Goodness Village and was met with compassion and understanding that I cannot even begin to describe. This group worked so hard to find us a spot. Once again, Mason and Alley had a spot to relax, rest, have a hot meal, and simply have some sense of normalcy while having a baby in the hospital.”

Aurelius did extremely well in his second heart surgery and was discharged on February 10, 2021. A winter storm unexpectedly kept The Guthries two extra nights at Goodness Village. Staff worked with Lesley and her family to make sure there was space for them to stay those two extra nights.

“I cannot express my gratitude for everything that Goodness Village did for my family. The entire organization provided such a blessing and so much comfort during a time of need. Taking the simple worry out of having a place to stay eliminated a heavy burden that many families may face. Many thanks to the group that is behind this organization from the volunteers to the staff. Such a great group of people that work selflessly to provide such a wonderful option for families and patients during a medical crisis.”