The Graham Family Finds Rest Together

 Goodness Village was a huge blessing to us during our little Elena’s time in NICU at Children’s in Little Rock. She was born prematurely and in need of immediate surgery on her small intestines (the result of duodenal atresia). The issue wasn’t known until her sudden birth at just 32 weeks gestation. The next day, she was flown down from Fort Smith, and we followed in the car. The following day she had surgery. 

On our first night, we chose a downtown hotel to be close to but switched to one a little further out. The second was nice, but we needed a less expensive option for the long term. Due to COVID restrictions, we didn’t qualify for the Ronald McDonald House because our older kids were soon to join us, and siblings weren’t allowed at the time.

Thankfully, someone at Children’s gave us a pamphlet for Goodness Village. The ladies we worked with were so kind, and the apartment was cute, well-furnished/ stocked, and much more affordable than a hotel or an Airbnb. The location was very convenient as it was close to groceries, shopping, and fast food. 

I was so grateful for a nice place to rest. During the whirlwind with the surgery and Elena’s recovery, I was still healing from the recent delivery. After two comfortable weeks (back and forth to the hospital), a family friend close to Little Rock heard about our situation and graciously offered her home. It was a huge blessing, and we stayed there until the baby was released, but we still reflect fondly on how relieved and happy we were to get that Goodness Village apartment. 

I’m happy that Elena is doing fantastic and has no lasting complications. Madelyn and Lane (big sister and brother) love her to pieces. Here we are at her baby dedication.

Thank you to this wonderful organization for helping during a tough time. We pray that the work continues and that all your efforts are rewarded. God bless you and all the people whose lives you’ve touched. 

-The Graham Family