Puente Family Update

From Diagnosis to Triumph

Dave and his wife Lori graced Goodness Village’s doors in 2021. His battle against Multiple Myeloma began in 2008 after a terrible incident, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey of courage and healing.

Dave became the first myeloma patient in Arkansas to undergo (CAR) T-cell immunotherapy at UAMS Myeloma Center, marking a turning point in his battle and offering new hope.

Recently, the Puente family revisited Little Rock for a checkup, reconnecting with Executive Director Kim Burket. They recreated a photograph at a beloved spot, echoing a moment two years prior.

This time, Dave’s wheelchair was replaced by smiles; as he shared achieving a milestone, walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

Dave’s journey is a testament to medical innovation, support, and the nurturing environment Goodness Village provides. His story illuminates hope amid the darkest times.