Marico Sees Roses Among the Thorns

Marico Early had issues with her back for years so dealing with aches and pains was nothing new.  It wasn’t until a shopping trip with her daughter that she took a hard fall that would change her life.  After the fall she saw a doctor who ordered several tests including an x-ray, a bone scan, and an MRI.  Marico and her husband sat dumbfounded as the doctor displayed the film of her spine that revealed a spot on her spine. At that time the word cancer wasn’t mentioned, and Marico was sent home, but the pain just continued to get worse. 

In November of 2019, Marico and her family attended a wedding and as she went to congratulate the family, she hugged a friend and she felt a pop in her back, the pain became unbearable. She could no longer move without excruciating pain.  Marico was declining fast and couldn’t bear the pain any longer.  Her most recent MRI films were sent to a local doctor to review.  The doctor’s assistant contacted Marico immediately, the small spot in her back was now the size of a flat golf ball.  Marico’s back was broken in two.5

After an emergency biopsy of her spine, Marico woke up in a hospital room and her doctor gave her the diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. She started radiation the following day and chemo not long after.  Marico lives with her husband in Fayetteville, so she knew she would need a place to stay when she was sent to receive treatment at UAMS in Little Rock.  Marico first stayed at a local hotel, until a friend told her about Goodness Village.

Marico and her family stayed with Goodness Village for 26 days and say that she couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience. She shared that they were surprised at how well-stocked the apartment was and that it had everything they needed.  Marico’s 27-year-old daughter was her caretaker during her stay, and she was able to work in her room without disturbing her mom while she was resting. Marico shared, “I was blown away by the generosity and kindness of everyone.  It made the situation almost stress free. While I was there, I was getting multiple vials of blood drawn every day, and to have a place to come back to rest was wonderful.”  In addition to having a comfortable place to rest, the apartment with Goodness Village was also a cost-saving, “the apartment was a considerable saving over a hotel stay. A hotel is one room with two beds, at the apartment we had our own space to cook and wash our clothes. I didn’t have to worry about crowded lobbies or elevators, I just can’t say enough about our experience with Goodness Village.”

Even in her darkest and most painful moments she feels that she has been able to bless others through her experience, “I have no complaints. There have been beautiful roses among the thorns. It is amazing how God has put people in my path so I could minister to people who are going through similar situations.” 

Marico is a motivational speaker with a passion for pouring love and encouragement into other women. Visit her blog to learn more.