Lifting our Hearts

Wendy Czerwonka was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2021. She was referred to Goodness Village by a friend who had recently received treatment for their own cancer diagnosis in Little Rock and staying at a Goodness Village apartment. When Wendy and her husband arrived at the apartment at the Park Avenue Lofts, they were amazed by the apartment’s beauty and convenience. Wendy shared, “We rode the elevator to the third floor and found our balcony poolside apartment. To say we were amazed at what we found would be an understatement. The apartment was so clean, and the decor and all the furnishings were gorgeous. There was even a gift bag of personal items we would need for our doctor visits in the next few days. Cleaning products were under all the sinks, and the kitchen had all the cooking supplies we needed.”

Wendy and her husband found inspirational quotes and verses throughout the apartment to encourage them to keep a positive attitude during the harsh treatments. “The whole time we were staying in a Goodness Village apartment, we would open a cabinet or a drawer, and there would be an inspirational quote or verse from the Bible to encourage us. We know keeping a positive attitude when your body is going through such harsh treatments is so important. These verses made keeping our hearts and minds where they needed to be easier.”

The two-bedroom apartment allowed Wendy’s husband to stay with her most of the time, but there were times he had to go to the office, and the second bedroom allowed Wendy to have a place for a friend or family member to stay. Wendy wants others who are searching for a place to stay in Little Rock during their medical journey to know this about Goodness Village: “The Goodness Village apartments are a clean place to stay when your body is at its most vulnerable state, but they are also aesthetically pleasing, and those working with and for Goodness Village have genuinely thought of everything. The proximity is excellent for those who need a place to stay, and the price is beyond reasonable. These apartments make care plausible and simply possible!