Kingdom Quilters Find Purpose in Their Gifts

Most of us can relate to searching for your purpose in life.  What are you being called to do and once you find it will you embrace it?  Elaine Green found her purpose in the most unexpected of things, squares of fabric.  Elaine had recently taken up quilting but didn’t consider herself a “quilter” when a request came through her church for lap quilts for hospice patients. It was from that request that Kingdom Quilters was born. 

Now, 14 years later Kingdom Quilters has around 20 members who meet two times per month at Fellowship Bible Church to create beautiful quilts together. Elaine and the other members of Kingdom Quilters are giving their time and talents to create quilts with the hope that it will bring a smile and a glimmer of hope into someone’s life who is sick and suffering. Elaine shared, “Our partnership with Goodness Village gives the quilters a way to express our talents and creativity in a way that demonstrates God’s love to the people Goodness Village serves.  We value our relationship with the staff and know that they help the quilts become an expression of God’s love.”

Just like the pieces of fabric come together to form a beautiful pattern, the members of Kingdom Quilters have formed a special friendship. The quilters have shared the joy and sorrow that life brings and those life experiences have brought them closer than they could have ever imagined. The love and care that is poured into every seam are changing the lives of those who make the quilts, as well as those who receive them. 

All of the supplies and the space for the members to quilt are provided by Fellowship Bible Church and the only rules are to pray for those who will receive the quilt and have fun. The only thing you need to be a member of Kingdom Quilters is a sewing machine and a few tools, but you do not need a background in quilting.  If you are interested in joining this amazing group then please reach out to Elaine at Goodness Village is honored and privileged to have this special partnership with Kingdom Quilters so that we may provide a quilt to all of our guests.