Greg Receives Brightness During a Difficult Time

Greg Stanfill traveled with his wife Sonia to Little Rock in January 2021 for a stem cell transplant. Greg cared for Sonia throughout their journey with Lymphoma. In his testimony, Greg shares his family’s experience during one of the hardest times in their lives:

“In January of 2021 my wife Sonia and I traveled to Little Rock for the initial stages of a stem cell transplant. This was the culmination of a year-long journey in her battle with Lymphoma. While in Little Rock her condition worsened and as a result, she lost the ability to walk and was admitted into UAMS for an extended period of time. Upon our arrival in Little Rock, we planned to stay in a hotel for five days and with the circumstances changing we found ourselves needing to stay more than two weeks. 

Fortunately, we were put in touch with Goodness Village and as a result the family was able to stay in one of their fully furnished two-bedroom apartments. This allowed for our children to join us and to be together during this very difficult time. 

The kindness of the Goodness Village team and the wonderful apartment was one of the few bright spots during this time. They were truly a blessing and because of Goodness Village our family had one less burden to carry. 

Sonia lost the battle with Lymphoma a month later, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the care and love shown to me by the wonderful people at Goodness Village. They are providing a very special service and blessing a lot of lives.”

As the primary caregiver to Sonia, Greg took so much time to help, listen, and encourage his wife while she fought against Lymphoma. Goodness Village was honored to be there to support Greg and his family by providing a home to gather together during this time.